News from the Ag Plot - 3 July 2020


What's been happening down at the Marian Ag Plot? Years 9-12 have been very busy this term....

Year 9

The two Agriculture classes have been learning about using garden tools, preparing and testing the pH the soil for growing vegetables. They have prepared, planted and mulched the vegetable gardens. Students are eagerly waiting for seeds to come up in both the ground and the glasshouse. The students have also had a kookaburra supervisor assisting with the gardening.

Year 10

As students complete a Pasture unit they have been learning about the skills used to make a fence. Each student has used pliers to construct fencing knots made using tie wire and eight gauge wire. The thicker eight gauge wire forced students to use the fencing pliers rather than just their hands. The classes then put everything into practice by constructing a fence and using fence strainers to make the fence tight. Students also recently vaccinated our Alpacas and goats as well as trimming our alpacas feet. 


Year 11

Students have been learning about propagation methods and microorganisms and invertebrates in the soil. Students had a look at tubers and also made some plant cuttings using both rooting hormone and honey as a means to demonstrate asexual reproduction. 

Year 12

Our students have been busy making creamed honey in the hospitality kitchen from the Marian produced honey by adding a creamed honey seed and whipping the honey. We then enjoyed trying our value added honey product on crumpets. This finishes our recent product study unit on Honey. Lots of preparation for the Trial HSC is now occurring by updating all student notes and starting our final Animal Production Unit.