For Parents



Marian Catholic College encourages students to be independent learners who are able to work in a flexible environment that is inquiry-driven, thought provoking, reflective, and empowering.


School Canteen

A fresh, healthy canteen makes all the difference to students in the classroom. Our providers, Healthy Canteens Australia, create canteen menus offering a huge variety of fresh healthy foods.


Text & Equipment Lists

Find out what textbooks, stationary and equipment is needed for each year group.


Booklets, Notes & Forms

This page contains a collection of information notes, booklets, permission slips and general documents sent home from Marian Catholic College Kenthurst.


SchoolTV Resources

SchoolTV allows parents to have 24/7 access to a range of resources to support them to meet the wellbeing needs of their children. This award-winning resource helps build relationships, foster connections, enable understanding and break down barriers to navigate a pathway to better mental health and wellbeing for young people.



The Marian Catholic College Uniform Shop is operated by Lowes Castle Hill. Lowes work in partnership with the school to provide a great shopping experience for families.


Parents as Partners

Parents are key to the life of the College and are encouraged to play an active role in the school community.