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What does Unity mean to us?

What does Unity mean to our 2022 Student Leaders? At our opening assembly in Week 1, our leaders had the opportunity to share their theme for 2022.

This theme defines their shared vision for the year ahead - "In Unity we Build the Marian Community".

Last year at their Leadership Camp, our Year 12 leadership team spent hours thinking and brainstorming ideas on what their goal as a Marian leadership team should be for the year ahead in 2022. They discussed a theme that they would want to be remembered for years to come, even after they leave - they worked on developing an idea that could make the biggest possible difference for each and every student here at Marian. 

The common desire in the whole team was that of one thing - to strengthen the Marian family. From their own personal experiences, this theme has led to a mutual and passionate goal. Our 2022 leaders are here to support all students, create connections and new experiences.

As College Captains Ryan Muscat and Olivia Tesoriero expressed to the school community at the assembly -

"It all starts with the words 'unity' and 'build'. For us, 'unity' is a return to a new normal in which every member of the Marian community, teachers, students and support staff feel valued and included in a meaningful way. We should all feel empowered and inspired to work together, towards our goal. It is based on this, that we wish to ‘build’ this sense of unity off Marians traditions and celebrations, recognising that the foundations have not been eroded by the ordeals of the past two years".

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Our other Executive Leaders also expressed to the college what 'Unity' meant to them:

Unity is an amazing quality I see throughout Marian and I cannot wait to see more of it in the coming year. Unity to me means supporting one another for their achievements and helping them when they need it. To me it's about coming together as one to participate and involve yourself in the community. And if you involve yourself in the events we have planned for the year, then our community will be stronger than ever.

KYE (SRC President)

Unity to me is a powerful tool that is shared among the Marian community. It is the unification of people with a common purpose and goal. Like the other leaders have said, it is an amazing quality that is seen throughout Marian Catholic College. However we wish to grow this network and increase all the love and support that it provides in order for us to build stronger school connections.

NELLIE (Vice Captain)

Unity is a powerful word and something I would love to see more within the Marian community. Unity to me is about supporting each other and applauding others for their unique talents, whether that be in sports, music or arts. It can be very easy to point out someone’s flaws or judge others but as a Marian community if we put these aside and look at the many talents that our community has we will not only become more supportive and positive towards each other but we will create a school that is unified.

OLIVIA N (SRC President)

At Marian, Unity is an essential part of our lives and as a community we build this together. We need to think of this as more of a combined effort and it all starts with each of you individually. Let’s build on this community together and go through the year with the mindset of having each other’s backs.

OWEN (Vice Captain)


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