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We are exceptionally proud of the performance of our 2020 HSC class and the teachers who have worked tirelessly to maintain a culture of high expectation, success and self-belief in our students throughout this challenging year.

Year 12 has achieved excellent results both across the cohort and across the range of courses: most notably, we have received recognition of excellence in the Arts firstly with an HSC Showcase nomination for ARTEXPRESS for the body of work by Ella Covington. Additionally, our Dance students received showcase nominations for Callback, with Grace Dean-Haag being recognized for excellence in both her major study performance and her core composition while Courtney Griffin was nominated for her major study performance.

Our students have attained excellent results in a wide range of subjects, with notably strong performances in Agriculture, Ancient History, Dance, Investigating Science, Mathematics Standard 2, PDHPE, Community and Family Studies (CAFS) and all Vocational Education and Training (VET) courses.

As the results have been released so close to the finish of the school year, at this time, we are unable to confirm our Dux of the class of 2020. We will publish this prestigious award, prior to the Graduates’ Assembly in early February.

In Agriculture, all students achieved either a band 5 or 6, and nearly 75% of  Biology students achieved in the top 3 bands.  Nearly 40% of Mathematics Standard 2 students achieved results, placing them in the top 2 bands, while 50% of Ancient History students and 75% of Dance students achieved either a band 5 or 6. Over 11 % of CAFS students achieved a band 6 % and in PDHPE, nearly 14% were awarded a band 6. All four VET courses achieved examination results, placing our classes well above state average.

A significant number of Marian students feature in the Distinguished Achievers’ list, nearly 40% of our results lie in the top 2 bands and over 75% of our students achieved marks in the top 3 bands across all courses.

A significant number of our students have already received unconditional offers for placement in multiple university courses for 2021, as recognition of their achievements and effort in their studies.

We particularly want to acknowledge, Grace McGowan, who has overcome enormous adversity to successfully engage in a pathways HSC pattern of part-time study,  achieving strong results in every course for which she presented as a candidate.

To celebrate their achievements, our Year 12 students were invited to join the staff at school for morning tea on Friday December 18th , immediately after their HSC results and ATAR scores were released. We wish them well as they now embark on their future endeavours.


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