Marian Catholic College Kenthurst

On Thursday the 28th of May, the senior student leaders here at Marian Catholic College were given the unique opportunity to sit down and chat with MP Julian Leeser, via the widely-used Zoom application.

Taking the place of our lunchtime and final lesson for the day, the majority of the twenty-two Year 12 leaders, along with members of the senior staff, spoke in response to various highly relevant discussion questions posed by the Member for Berowra. The interest of speaking with us as leaders revolves around our part in the unprecedented and unfolding COVID-19 crisis.

Marian Catholic College Kenthurst
Marian Catholic College Kenthurst

We were all asked, as one group, questions about our personal response to the crisis and what exactly it has demanded of us. Speaking seriously about the subject which has sometimes been belittled was a refreshing exercise.

Speaking to a revered political leader in our surrounding community was additionally a highly beneficial practice as it displayed to us as student leaders, the notion of both taking that next step and leading an entire community, and further, representing those individuals in Australia’s own governance.

We spoke about both our own interests and that of Leeser’s in thoughtfully wishing to establish a means of recognising Australia’s entire Year 12 2020 cohort, who have had to battle the ongoing crisis along with their final moments of secondary schooling.

We are very thankful for this rejuvenating experience, and wish to express our gratitude to both Mr Leeser and the staff of his office, along with those here at Marian involved in organising the event.

Jonathon Laphos, - SRC President


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Marian Catholic College Kenthurst

Marian Catholic College Kenthurst

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