Students at Marian Catholic College participating in Social Justice Day

A small group of our Year 9 students met with other Catholic secondary schools across the Catholic Education Diocese of Parramatta for the annual Social Justice Day to reflect on mental health.

The event coincided with the Australian Catholic Bishops’ Conference Social Justice Statement 2020-2021: To Live Life to the Full: Mental Health in Australia.

TStudents brainstormed ideas, and were involved in discussions around the core issues of this Social Justice statement in readiness to be actioned in the Marian community.

“Mental health is a topic that is worth talking about. Lots of people are impacted by anxiety and depression which can effect their mood, body language and way of thinking. This aspect of their life may have been caused from a problem at home, peer pressure or even certain situations or rules from the public, community councils or even the government.

If you pass by someone who seems to be upset or in a negative state of mind, it would be worth asking them if were ok and if they were open to sharing their troubling thoughts. All it take is a simple question and patients. A simple question can turn into a conversation, which in turn, could save someone’s life. 'Are You Ok?'"

Matilda Odell


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Marian Catholic College Kenthurst

Marian Catholic College Kenthurst

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