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Over the last few months, Team Marian was honoured to be again participating in the Leukaemia Foundation’s World’s Greatest Shave. 21 superstar students dared to be brave and cut or shaved their hair to raise money for the thousands of Australian families suffering from blood cancer.

The support of family and friends this year was especially important as Marian went online for the better half of the World’s Greatest Shave campaign at school. This meant those shaving for a cure were challenged to find new and creative ways to get involved at home; where students took to shaving their own heads or having friends to help them in the process.

Marian Catholic College Kenthurst

Team Marian was flooded with photos of bright blue balloons and decorations to make the day special despite not being able to celebrate with everyone here at school

Together, Team Marian has raised $14,776.13 for the cause so far. An incredible achievement! Every fundraiser should be very proud of what they’ve contributed and the help they’ve offered to Australian families.

The Marian community wishes to express their gratitude and pride in the brave fundraisers who kept their spirits high and hearts full despite the difficulties with this year's event.

Chloe Vella Marcus Goodall Molly Nati
Lydia Lelov Jasmine Shepherd Alexander Hinrichsen
Nick Tolmie Nicholas Hendricks Lachlan White
James Bader Ella Girdham Zander Askew
Finya Begg Andrew Tindale Jadon Khairy
Bailey Wright Isaac Oberlechner Christian Salem
Jonathon Laphos Lachlan Matthews Xavier Moraza

We thank Team Marian for all the smiles, beautiful new hairdos and for thinking of others during this difficult time. We’re beyond proud of the brave hearts in our community and thank the families and friends who supported our superheroes on their journey to shave for a cure.

Alexandra Micallef
WGS Team Captain


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Marian Catholic College Kenthurst

Marian Catholic College Kenthurst

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