Marian Catholic College Year 7 camp

On the 16th of February, our Year 7 students arrived at school with excitement and a few nervous smiles. Carrying loads of luggage, they were eager to get going and board the bus to 3 days of fun at YMCA Camp Yarramundi!

Located on the Grose River in the beautiful Hawkesbury Valley, Camp Yarramundi has a range of fun activities and programs offering a sense of community, connection with others, and exercises to help build personal growth.

Our Year 7 camp helps students to make new friends and develop a greater sense of belonging to their new Year group. It encourages Year 7 students to develop greater self-reliance, resourcefulness, self-esteem and the ability to make decisions.

Marian Catholic College Year 7 camp

"As my group got onto the bus my heart was beating out of my chest, I was that excited to go. We hopped into our seats and we took a look around. “The bus had toilets!’’ My friend exclaimed with excitement. The whole bus's eyes were at the back. It was amazing, the bus had charging points, leg rests, and really nice lights.

When we all arrived we all had a talk about the rules of the campsite and where not to go. Our team leader, Jasper got straight into it. Our first activity was the giant swing, it was 18 meters high! A few people went before me and it was my turn. I went to the very top. My team pulled me up and I had to pull a string. “3,2,1 PULL” I pulled the string and I screamed. That ‘scream’ happened around 5 times… we don't really talk about that. There were many fun experiences - the flying fox, crate stack, river swim, teamwork activity, treasure hunt, and high ropes. The late-night bingo and trivet were the best. All together my personal experience was great. Thank you YMCA camp for this great opportunity!"

Simi P

"When I first arrived at camp, my first thought was, wow! I knew I would have lots of fun immediately, and I did! I was put into Group 6, and there were a lot of people in my group that I did not know, but by the end of camp, I had made a tonne of new friends and gained a lot of social skills. I didn’t only have fun at the camp, but I also grew to be more confident as well. My favourite part of camp was probably the giant swing, it felt like I was flying when I was in it. I also enjoyed the scavenger hunt, because it required a lot of teamwork and strategy. It also was very cool when we had to go in areas we weren’t familiar with, it felt great to explore the camp! I am very grateful for the food that the camp provided us, they put so much work and dedication to feed more than 100 kids! Overall, my time at camp was great, and I made some fond memories there that I will cherish forever. Thank you, YMCA Camp!!"

Lilliana S

Marian Catholic College Year 7 camp

"Camp was one of the best times of my life and I can’t believe that it sadly went by so fast. By far the best time in high school so far. I have so many fun memories to look back on and I made new friends. We did the most amazing activities at our camp that would normally cause fear to most people, such as the giant swing, high ropes, and the giant zipline. We also got to do crate stacking, have a trivia night, play basketball games, go orienteering and swim in the lake. Before our camp, I was so scared of heights and never wanted to challenge my fears, but camp changed that, and now I actually want to do things that require willpower and confidence to achieve something. The camp allowed me to meet new people in my year and gain new friendships. Overall, Camp Yarramundi was awesome and the only camp I had been to because of COVID, I am thankful we all got to go, and not miss out again. THANK YOU YMCA CAMP!"

Will K

A big thank you to Miss Speechley, the Year 7 Leader of Learning and the many dedicated teachers at camp who were willing to give up time away from home with their families to be there for our Year 7 students.


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Marian Catholic College Kenthurst

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